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Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

What a blessing for Sam to be doing so well in an area that is very challenging. In this e-mail he is referring to all the traveling his dad is doing lately for work and then this weekend we are going to Cedar City for Grandpa Bertoch's 80th birthday then taking him to Las Vegas to a Tony Bennett concert.

Hey family!

Had another good week this week. A lot of if was just getting Victorine and Richard ready to be baptized. The interviews are this week but i'm pretty sure everything sure happen with out any problems. Elder Ghisqiere and Yao have some baptisms too so things are really starting to move here. My goal is to have this branch split before I get transferred. We're pretty close right now, we just need to get the assistance a little higher. There are also still the doctinal issues we need to work out too- for example our branch president ended his remarks "in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy ghost, amen". (We cant judge him too much, he was a catholic priest for many years before he got baptized).

Sunday was also a good day. I dont know if i ever mentioned it, but every second sunday in the mission is missionary sunday where the missionaries teach the classes and give the talks. I taught the english sunday school class and relief society. It was a lot of fun. I have now reached the point where I understand french infinitly more than i understand nigerian english haha.

I've kept in touch with Elder Halterman in my old area. Things are still going great there. Most of the old investigators that were ready for baptism when i left have been baptized now so thats great.

Wow thats a lot of traveling this week. Have fun in las vegas! tell grandpa i love him and i wish him a happy bday!

Nope, no more problems with in grown toenails. I have been pretty healthy since i got to benin. Haha recently i have only been dreaming in french. I dont speak english hardly at all anymore, everyone in my appt is francophone.

K well thats all i got for this week! I cant wait to get your package! The couple is in Togo right now but im sure i'll get it when they get back! I love you all and i cant wait till next week!

Elder Bertoch

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