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Friday, February 5, 2010

January 25, 2010

Hey family!

Ok so sorry if my emails are a little shorter from now on (i know, youre asking "how could they get any shorter?") but I'm trying to spend less time here now that i have an african comp again who writes president and then is finished.

Anyway, I'm still doing great! I've gotten pretty comfortable in Benin now, i know the members ok and im kinda familiar with my area now! It was hard in the beginning, we had no investigators so all we did was contacting- i now know a little bit of what if must feel like to be a missionary in norway. But we worked hard, found almost 50 new investigators and although not all of them are serious, I know that there are plenty among them who have been prepared by God to hear this message.

P days here are basically like pdays in Togo. We've really deep cleaned the appartment since I got here- it was kind of a wreck, and we did play soccer this morning. At night all the missionaries doing contacting activities in their areas.

Thats sad about Haiti, I hadnt heard that. We dont get much news here in benin, west africa haha.

I think I would prefer the package. Even if I had extra money here for food, I dont know what I would buy. Things like mac and cheese, cheese and broccolli soup, anything that can be cooked on a stove would be wonderful. Alos, i havent gotten the other package yet but I cant wait! You guys are the best!

What else? Being a trainer is ok, hes alrealdy a really good missionary and we work well together. I know we are going to have a lot of success here in Gbedjromede. Next Wednesday, the third, we're have zone conference with Elder Golden of the area presidency. I heard he's pretty intense so it should be fun. Things are always more exciting when president comes haha.

Ok well it makes me so happy to hear that you all doing so great! Great job on the weight loss! Thats awesome. You guys are on the cleanse diet and i'm on the africa diet haha. I love you all and i cant wait till next week!

Elder Bertoch

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