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Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

Here's Sam's e-mail. Elder Halterman was Sam's companion in Togo and now they are roommates. Sam is still with the missionary from Congo. Togo held their elections last week and the senior couple couldn't cross the border into Benin for a couple of days to bring the transferred elders over.
Hey family!
Still loving life as a missionary. Really everyday here is amazing. Victorine got baptized Saturday without any problems. It was really cool, before the baptism she kept saying theres no more doubt or confusion, she knows what shes doing is right. We have fixed four more baptismal dates for the third of April, the whole zone is focusing on that date and wants it to be a huge service so we are praying for that.
Its starting to cool down a little bit which is nice. Apparently the rainy season is finally getting closer. Elder Halterman and Carver got here on Saturday and its been really nice being with Elder Halterman again. At church we had nine investigators yesterday, the most since I've gotten here, so things are starting to pick up. Benin is a little different than Togo in that it is a lot harder to get married here, so we always have investigators that cant get baptized bc they live together and have children, but are not married. But its not that big of a deal, theres no reason we cant have success here like we did in Togo.
Dang, Dads now another year older?! You hit sixty yet?!!
I dont hear too much about the elections here but I'm not surprised that they were rigged; Apparently the president right now killed his dad to get power. The boarder was closed for a while- thats why Elder Halterman was a little late getting here. Theres still three whites (two americans) in togo im pretty sure.
Ok well nothing too exciting this week, sorry! I'll talk to you next week! Love you all!
Elder Bertoch

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