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Thursday, April 8, 2010

March 15, 2010

Hey there everyone!
I'm glad to here you all had a great week, and that you still enjoy occaisional random spending sprees (two mountain bikes?!) haha. I loved seeing the photos- it was extremely weird for me to see mom in a sweatshirt and Jackson in a turtle neck. Who would want to wear so much clothing??? Then i remembered that it is cold there.
Thanks so much for another package! You are the best family eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.
Things have been going really good here, it was another awesome week. When we got here, we had decided to look for potential melchezidek priesthood holders and families so for the most that is all we ever contact. President always talks about finding people that kind edify the church here so we have really set our sights on finding future leaders of the Church in Africa. So far the search is going well- we taught 59 lessons and had 50 new investigators last week. We've also focused on teaching with members because that is a lot harder here in Benin and we had 27 lessons with a member last week which is a huge bump up from the 10 we usually get. We started seeing the results already, we had ten investigators at church last week and 7 are potentional Melchezedik Preisthood holders. Now we have to work on helping them progress toward baptism. I am so grateful for the help that the Lord gives us doing his work here. I his hand in the work everyday see the Spirit touch the hearts of those who we teach. I know that without our Heavenly Father's loving guidance, missionary work would not exist in our area.
The people are so amazing and sincere in their desires to become closer to our Heavenly Father. I wish i could talk about all my investigators individually but i never have time. But i love each one of them and i see each one as my brothers and sisters.
Also, we got word that President is coming for zone conference next monday so that is always exciting. If i dont write next monday, its probably cuz i was at zone conference and will write during the week.
Ok well I think thats all I got for today! I love you all and will write again next week!
Elder Bertoch

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