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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hey family!
Glad to hear that everyone had a good week except Jack! Feel better, little bro! Maybe kicking Dad's butt in Mario Kart a few times will help!
Yup, we'll be moving to a bigger chapel soon! Its a very welcome change, yesterday we had over sixty people at church so that meant the missionaries plus some other members were forced to spend sacrament meeting outside haha. Also, during sunday school and the third hour, there were not enough chairs for all of the classes. Those are always both very welcome problems at the church, it means things are progressing! There were twelve investigators at church which was really great too! Our prayers are really being answered. I was in charge of teaching the first ever Young Men/ Young womens class at Akpakpa and then the deacon/teacher class (there is one of each). It was very fun. Afterwards we went to a few appointments and then the evening our branch president invited us to his house to eat. It was very good food. A good way to end a good sabbath day.
Whoo, cant believe i'm almost already back into August. I have fun recently by reading my journal entries from one year ago and seeing the difference now.

Its heating up there? Its actually been cooling down a lot here. Like some nights i dont even sleep with my fan anymore. I'll enjoy it while it lasts- i remember last August when i first got here it was scorching ( or maybe thats just because i wasnt used to it). And its still been raining like crazy. Last thursday it was our turn to get stuck out in a flood. We were at our investigator Migan's house so we tried waiting out the storm for a couple hours but at about 7:30 we decided just to roll up our pants and go for it. We were about twenty mins from the appartment and we had to hike home in shin deep water. It was quite the adventure and luckily my new shoes survived it.
Haha wasps have very good eyesight and sense of smell? Where do you learn this stuff?
A scripture that helped me this week. Hmm, there are a few. One thing I have discovered on my mission is a love for the New Testament. So, i really like the Parabole of the Two Sons in matthew i think. In the Book of Mormon, i read a scripture that i could relate to in the last verse of Alma 27 or 28 i cant remember which. It talks about how he experiences sorrow in the destruction of the people but joy in the light of Christ. I have never had so many reasons to rejoice and sorrow at the same time. Some people will reject Christ and keep on persisting in their stubborn wicked ways, but i can always find joy in the people that accept the gospel and seeing the light of Christ bring so much happiness to them and their families. Its those moment that keep me going and give me the strength to try to find more of them. Those are the moments that strengthen my testimony and make me thank our Heavenly Father for letting me serve him as a missionary. I love this work.
Ok well i love you all! Have a good week! Cant wait to hear from you again next week!
Elder Bertoch

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