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Friday, August 20, 2010

August 16, 2010

Hey again!

So you did get my email last week? Thats good!

My address...i have no idea!!! I didnt like tell you that a long time ago, like maybe when i was leaving the MTC?

I did see the pictures! Thanks! I always love seeing you guys. When i left Benin to come to the Ivory Coast like ten pounds of my luggage had to have been all the pictures you've sent me but it was totally worth it!

I show people the photo of me at Sydney's wedding and everyone also mentions how fat i was! (here being fat is like a good thing/compliment. it means you are healthy but at first a lot of american missionaries take it the wrong way when they get called fat haha). I have a diet to suggest for you- its called walk all day under the african sun and eat african food diet! It works miracles!

My french is always improving which is encouraging. The difference here is just that the french is a lot more slangy- they never use articles before the words and add some fun sounds but i like it. Its a lot more fun to speak.

Had another good week this week! Since i love doing door to door here we found like 32 new investigators among which there were some pretty awesome families that i have high hopes for. Some of our baptisms for the month fell through (we found out the one lived within the boundaries of the other ward so we gave her to the other missionaries, and another just went on a trip to 'village' whatever that means) so we'll need the new investigators. One was a family where the lesson went EXTREMELY well. They said they had been searching different churches but had never found the truth. After hearing the first lesson they said they felt their hearts burning in them and that their eyes were opened. The only problem is that they are unmarried. They are rich which is a good and bad thing- good because the church will need them and it wont be hard to get married, bad because the travel a lot and are going to Italy next month. Dangit.

Ok well thats all i got time for! I love you all so much! I miss you all but I'm so happy to be where i am. Have a good week and i cant wait to hear from you again next monday!

Elder Bertoch

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