In the MTC - Sam is kneeling down in front on the left pointing to the Ivory Coast in West Africa

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 6, 2010 (Labor Day)

Yay! We got some pictures! His big problem this week is that they have so many investigators that they don't have time to contact new ones. Not a bad problem to have.


Sorry if this is a little short, but i used a lot of time working on pictures!

Ok, so things are going extremely well still! This might be the happiest time since I started my mission! Saturday we baptized two investigators, charlie and joceline which was nice. I got to baptize them and also helped baptize a one legged man whos in a different ward. It was pretty nice. We have already set eight baptismal dates for the month and we're planning on adding like three more this week. Really, i love the work here.

Yep Im still with Elder Starita. Elder Cunningham is in our zone too so the fearsome threesome is together again. They are the only americans i ever see plus elder Jerman who is assistant. P days we dont do too much, maybe family home evening the night but during the day we just clean and buy food for the week. Nothing exciting at all. CDI is a lot cooler than Benin and Togo I think, or maybe this year its not as hot anywhere.

As far as packages go, im doing fine! Just let me know when you start getting the bday one put together and i might have some requests.

Any cool stories this week? Umm, i dont think anything too exciting happened. We are still really seeing the fruits of our tracting and have so many progressing investigators we dont have time to contact new ones anymore. A good sign i think. There are still signs in CDI that the church is young just little weird things that still happen, like at baptisms they call the people that baptize "John the Baptist" which i find kinda creepy.

Thats not surprising that Bro Wright is an awesome WML. I wish we had him here! I hope i get a calling like that when i get back, maybe i could be his ward missionary.

Well thats all i got! I love you all! Enjoy the pictures!

Elder Bertoch

Marie Joseph (notice we're wet from filling up the font with rain water)

Font filled with rain water

Charlie and Joceline and my new companion Elder Aiba

Sam and the ward missionary

A fish for dinner

What was left of that fish head

Elder and Sister Baily
This was at the going away party for the senior couple in the Ivory Coast
Sam is dressed as Sister Baily

View from our apartment in Abidjan

Another view from our apartment in Abidjan

Ward building in Abidjan

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