In the MTC - Sam is kneeling down in front on the left pointing to the Ivory Coast in West Africa

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 11, 2010

Sam sent some pictures that he took before leaving Togo. Here they are:

Chapel (Hedzranawoe, Togo)

Young women at NYs activity

Relief society at new years activity

Apartment (Togo)


Living Room


My Room

Spider that used to live in my room

Elder Cruz and Elder Dea

Elder Halterman and newborn goats

Sam's companion, Elder Halterman, is in the back

Togo soccer stadium

Branch of Hedzranawoe

Recent converts and their gerbils

Street outside my apartment that I walk everyday

That baptismal outfit was a little tight...

My tribal friends

Kotche and Loukoum, Branch missionary and branch mission leader. Without them missionary work would cease to exist in Hedz.

Vero and Joyce (Vero-9months pregnant- promised me she would name her child after me-Bertoch-...awesome!)

Keekee and Fofo (I just really needed a pic of him to remember New Years haha)

Soon to be convert family

My reactivated nigerian buddy

Two of my favorite Primary kids (Elom and Majoie)

Branch president and his daughter
Our convert family

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