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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 4, 2010

Looks like his days in Togo are numbered. I loved his story about the guy trying to get away from them by crawling away on all fours.

Bonsoir tout le monde!

So still rockin Togo here, on my fifth month in my area, but looks like thats comin to an end pretty soon. I just got word Saturday that I'm going to be transferred to Benin on the 15th. I'm not sure what area yet, or who my companion will be, but I think its pretty sure that I'm leaving and that I'll be with an African again which is fine. I'm going to be kinda sad to go, I've made a lot of friends here and I still love Elder Halterman, but I think its time for a change. I am grateful I get to be here for the baptism the 9th- it looks like we'll have another 5 baptisms or so. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures of everything before I go so I never forget Hedzranawoe. (The only thing that stinks is that apparently there is a big voodoo party in Benin the 10th so I'll just barely miss it dang it!)

Haha that sounds kinda funny about Elder Legere and Oaekson. I wouldnt wanna clean up the mess tho haha. Howd you hear about that?

Total for the month, me and Elder Halterman ended up with 9 baptisms. We dont know if we are the companionship of the month yet, but we know thats the most out of Togo and Benin. The companionship of the month last month had nine too.

Mom, since when were you in the nursery?

Yes, i was able to get the photos up! I loved seening them! And thank you for the package! It will probably get here after I leave but don't worry, the couple will just pick it up and take it to Benin. Thanks!

Sounds like everyone had a great New Years! Mine was... interesting haha. New Years is a pretty big day here, which means everyone just drinks a lot. So the 31st we went to our recent converts house and she was doing great but her younger sister that we have started teaching was pretty drunk which was too bad. Then the next day we had an appt with one of our investigators brothers (his name is Keekee, goes by Biggie). He's a pretty bigger (chubby guy) and is usually really cool and asked to meet with us. But when we got there Fofo (our investigator, cool guy) told us Keekee "wasnt there" with a smile on his face but told us to go see. So we walked into there yard and called out to see if anyone was there but no one answered and we didnt see anyone. So we turned around to leave but then we saw Keekee trying to crawl away (litterally, on all fours, hes a big guy) back into the front yard, trying to hide from us. Before we could say anything he was out of sight. We both felt awkward bc we clearly saw him so we started to leave, but then he entered like he had just gotten home. He said he wanted to talk so we sat down and the first thing he said was "I dont drink." We were just like ok...Bonjour to you too...but it was clear once we started talking he was either drunk or on drugs. He could barely talk without bursting into laughter and just acting ridiculous. Me and Elder Halterman couldnt help but smile a little bit too but we had to stop the lesson. So ya, New Years was crazy, couldnt go anywhere without getting stopped by weird drunk people but it was actually kinda fun haha (probably bad to say). We did stop by our baptismal canidate's houses and it seemed like they were all doing great a long with our recent converts which is great.

Haha well thats all I got this week! I love being a missionary and I have a strong testimony of this gospel that gets strengthened each day! I love you all and will talk to you next week!

Elder Bertoch

PS Do you think you could forward me what Pres wrote you guys? Thanks!

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