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Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 19, 2010

I'm glad you are all having a great time in New York. Do people still remember me there? I remember i made quite an impression.
Things are going lovely here. It was very encouraging to see our investigators get baptised saturday. Richard and Christophe are baptized but Audes mom got really mad when she found out but that will all work out. We have at least three more investigators who will get baptized next time (the first may) so that should be really exciting too. Always very encouraging/reenergizing when you see your hard work pay off.
Hmm did anything exciting happen this week??? We teach some interesting characters. We teach Abraham who won the strongest man competition in Benin, took second in west africa and 17th in the US. We have Isaac who was a kickbox champion in France back in his day. We have Jacob who is 73 but still going strong and learning the gospel. We have Justin who has Turberculosis (we actually teach him in a turberculosis hospital) but he should be cured in three more weeks and be able to come to church. Thats just the more interesting ones, we do not have a lack of investigators. They are all so different but each one is united in his need for the gospel in his life. I feel so blessed to help them find it and apply it and then slowly watch the atonement make them infinitely happier.
We got a little bit of rain on Saturday which was nice. Cooled down a bit. Guess the voodoo spell is wearing off. Too bad.
I planned with the couple to pick up the package tomorrow morning. Cant wait!
Bon, vraiment l'anglais me fatigue, je me sens plus comme un francophone maintenant, donc je vais terminer en français. Je sais que Jésus-Christ est mon Sauveur and frère aîné. Je sais que son evangile et son église one été rétabli par Joseph Smith. Je sais que grâce à ce fait, notre famille sera ensemble à jamais. Pour ça, je suis infiniment reconnaissant. Je vous aime tous et à lundi prochaine. Hope syd can translate that.

Translation: Well, I’m tired of English, I feel more like a French now, so I’ll finish in French. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and Elder Brother. I know that his gospel and his church was restored by Joseph Smith. I know for a fact that our family will be together forever. For that I am extremely grateful. I love you all and next Monday (that’s what it says: next Monday, he probably left some words out on accident or in french it means until next monday...)
Elder Bertoch

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