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Thursday, April 8, 2010

March 29, 2010

Hey again!
Sounds like you have an exciting week coming up! Have a lot of fun skiing!
Zone conference was very good. We have it every six week so it is always exciting when its time again. President stopped by our appartments Thursday and did interviews and then the actual conference was Friday morning. I must be doing ok, just had a short 5 minute interview with President which was nice. He was pretty tired, his plane had landed at three o clock that morning. At zone conference he taught us a lot about teaching to convert and how we should be teaching. It was very helpful and really motivated me to teach better. My zone leaders are Elder Dagrou (Ivorian) and Elder Kouakou (my trainer). They are very good. They live at akpakpa, about 10 min away from us.
The younger generation here is pretty smart. The people here study a lot and college if basically free. We generally contact men 20 and up and you can generally be pretty sure that they are educated. The schools have a pretty strict schedule i think. A lot of copying lessons from the boards.
Also, after zone conference I was talking to sister leavitt and she was telling me that when they lived in Colorado, she worked for a hotel doing weddings by I 25 and C 470. Haha she totally worked at the Inverness. Not when we had Sydneys reception though, she was there like 10 yrs ago.
Haha the Leavitts are very good. The work hard for the missionaries. The missionaries translate for them at zone conference but at church they just come for sacrament meeting and then leave. By the way, the easter package is here but we havent picked it up yet. The leavitts say they are tired of picking up packages and fighting with the workers so there is a new rule. Now if a package comes, they take the missionary to the airport to go fight for it. I'll get to try that out as soon as they get back haha.
As for clothes, mine are actually in ok shape. Maybe some socks, another shirt or two, and another pair of garments would be nice but i take pretty good care of them.
Health has been fine too. I've had like a cold once but other than that I've been fine. Just superior genes I guess.
Well, other than zone conference, nothing too exciting happened this week. Our 5 baptismal canidats are now down to three for the moment. Jules ended up going out of town last week so we'll have to get him the next service, and we are still working on the commandments with Aude (we'll get her next time too).
k it think thats it! I love you all and will write you again next week! Have fun in Washington! I expect to see pictures!
Elder Bertoch

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