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Monday, June 28, 2010

June 8, 2010

Hey family!
Sorry for the lack of email yesterday! We came and the internet was not working at all, so we stopped by this morning to write a little.
First, I got two packages! Thank you very much! All the candy is gone already and i plan on making the soups this week. Love ya guys.
Things really are starting to pick up now. The first sunday i was here the assistance was 39, now its gotten up to the fifties and even the sixties once. I love Akpakpa so I'm actually hoping that i dont get transferred- which means of course i probably get transferred haha. I just feel like such a big part of the branch- sunday i taught sunday school and young mens, next week i'll give a talk and teach elders quorum. I really think of it as my branch- all the more motivation to add members to it. Well, we'll see. President is actually coming next monday/tuesday for zone conference so maybe i'll find out if i'm transferred.
I'm glad you had such a great birthday mom! cream maker.
It actually rained a lot more this week, made going out a lot more interesting. Didnt stop us from setting a couple of baptismal date. Theres Vincent whos maybe in his forties or fifties, has a good job and a real family (as in they are actually married). He should get baptized this month as well as Raul who was at church Sunday. He grew up a really strong catholic but stopped after a while. He knew members of the church in Togo before moving here and he was always really impressed by them. His fiancee is also in the United States (Texas) so no problems with chastity there either. They should both really contribute to the church here in Akpakpa- they are intelligent and hard working, good quality baptisms that will become future leaders here.
Well, i think that is about it. I still love being a missionary. President had challenged each missionary to read the entire Book of Mormon before he comes back for zone conference and I finished that last week. What an amazing book. I've grown to love 2 Nephi 9 and King Benjamins talk and Alma 26. Just to name a few. Ps i dont remember if i ever told you this story but there are pasteurs here that always use the Book of Mormon in there sermons without telling people where they are getting their material. I heard that there was one pasteur that read all of king benjamins talk in Mosiah like it was himself that wrote it and everyone loved it. Crazy.
Anyway, gotta go. Love ya all!
Elder Bertoch

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