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Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 31, 2010

Not only did my birthday fall on a holiday this year, it is also p-day and I received an e-mail from my son. It was the icing on the cake to hear that his investigator thought to pray for me on my birthday. What a day!! In addition, his one year anniversary is this Thursday (June 3).

Hey familly!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! Hope you'll have a great birthday today! Funny story- A week or two ago we were teaching our investigator Carine (with the broken leg) and she was wondering if there were 30 or 31 days in may. I said 31 cuz i could never forget cuz thats my moms birthday. Then yesterday we were teaching her and she gave the opening prayer and prayed "and please bless Elder Bertoch's mom, for tomorrow is her birthday bless her to have a great year". It was very touching that she remembered. How old are you now anyways??? Twenty? Twenty five?
Well had a great week this week. We were able to bring Adele to the waters of baptisms which is always very rewarding. I actually was able to baptize her which was very nice. She'll be a really good member, the branch president is getting ready to call her as counselor in the relief society so that is exciting. Here they need members to hold the callings so they get callings like that right after being baptized. In fact even i basically have two callings- i'm sunday school teacher for the english speaker and i teach the only young man in the ward during young mens/deacons class. That has to make me young mens president or deacons quorum advisor or something.
Wow. One year ago from today i was getting into the car for the drive to Utah. Me and Elder Startita celebrated with the zone today by going out and eating at a nice restaurant. I may or may not have eaten a "kingburger" and a individual sized pizza and an ice cream cone. It was delicious.
Anyways, nothing else really exciting happened this week. We're now just getting ready to baptize in June. I'm feeling a transfer to Cote D'Ivoire coming soon actually, maybe in about a month, so i'll keep ya posted.
Well I love you all and i cant wait to hear from you newt week! Sorry you didnt get to go to Ameritowne, Jack! Honestly, it wasnt that memorable anyway. I still love being a missionary and am actually kinda sad i only have a year left. I still got a lot of goals to accomplish and time is running down. Time to get to work.

Elder Bertoch

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