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Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009

Salut tout le monde!

Ok it looks like this works a lot better in the morning so we're gonna come early from now on.

First, I'll try to answer your questions. We do get a lot of referrals from members and our investigators, but a lot of the people we teach our people we've contacted ourselves our who approach us. It happens pretty often where people will stop us and ask us who we are. Heck, my first day here, when i first stepped out the door, someone pulled over on a moto and asked for directions to church. It was really cool.

We stay in our own apartment, I doubt any of the members have a house big enough for us to stay at. We do all our own cooking, I've already become an expert at cooking rice and chopping onions haha. About 70ish people attend our branch each week but from what I hear we do have a lot of inactivity. We have strong leadership though, a good branch president and an awesome ward mission leader too. There are actually a lot of english speakers from nigeria who are inactive and we are working with one of them to get him back to church. It's really exciting to teach lessons in english, its a lot easier for me to express myself.

Zone conference was really good. It was actually at the Black's house at they cooked luch for all of us and everything, it was really nice of them. There are 12 missionaries here in Togo/my zone- 6 americans, 5 africans, and 1 french. They are all really nice, we get together about once a week.

Ya i heard that about Nigeria too but Togo's doing fine. No unrest here. As far as where i am compared to the coast and Lome...I have no idea. The zone leaders pick up mail every other week so I'll probably not get the package until next monday. I asked about the mail- E Bowman says he hasnt sent anything since he's been in Togo and E SKousen, zone leader, says its pretty unreliable to send stuff from here. I also asked about pictures- that sounds pretty hard too. Sometimes you can get the Blacks to do it for you but they are leaving this next week so idk. Im gonna try to cend them just from here so we'll see.

Haha E Bowman is great. Hes really cool and my main source of information here.It would've been a lot harder to get settled in here without him. Hopefully he doesn't get transferred soon, hes been in Togo for 4 months.

Ooo; let me know about BYU. THat should be a good game. THanks for the sports updqtes, thqts always appreciated.

This emqil seems to be working fine! Thanks for setting me up the other one tho, if this ever doesn't work I'll just switch.

P days we usually wash our cloths- in buckets, really one of the only downsides of our appartment, no washing machine, e starita's apt has one- email, and go shopping. We usually play soccer as a zone too so thats fun and then at night we go out again.

Anyway this week was really good. It was my goal this week to get our investigators to come to church and this week 8 came! We have 3 baptisms lined up for this saturday and another one for the time after that so thats exciting too. THis week we're going to commit at least " more investigator too so the work is really coming along!

Thats too bad Jack is sick! Get better Jack! Let me know when you get a house Sydney! Have fun in Disneyland everyone!

I love you all!

Elder Bertoch

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