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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things were still slow with this e-mail attempt, so not too much information again. We are now e-mailing him at instead of the myldsmail account. So far it seems to be working better.

August 17, 2009

Hello again! Ok this is gonna have to be fast again- I dont know technology seems really slow in Africa...its weird.

Thanks for all the emails! I wish I couldve read them...myldsmail isnt working too well and i couldnt open anything. But the Blacks told me thqt you cancelled my credit card so thank you for that. Im not sure how im going to get money or what to do abt my license but im sure we'll figure something out.

Things are still going great here! My area is called Hedranawoe and i love it. There are about 75 members in my branch but that number is about to drastically increase :). My area is pretty big i think, we can walk up to 35 min to an appt. We walk along dirt roads and people have there houses/shops lined up a long them. Here I'm a yovo-it means white in the native language here-and the little kids always sing yovo yovo bon soir, ca va bien, merci! whenever they see me, its cute. they love to run up and touch me and its beeen a lot of fun.

K im outta time again, sorry i couldn't say much. im looking forward to this week-we have another couple baptisms lined up and its zone conference. I love you all! sorry i couldn't reply to anyone!

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