In the MTC - Sam is kneeling down in front on the left pointing to the Ivory Coast in West Africa

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here is Sam's second e-mail from Africa and his first from Togo. Of course, we were immediately greeted by the news that he had already had his wallet stolen. We have since sent him a new debit card, but haven't heard if he has received it yet. Stay tuned. This is very short - we found out later that incredibly slow means 45 minutes to bring up a page. But air conditioning AND hot water - he's really living!

August 10, 2009

Hey everyone! Ok, i dont have a lot of time...the internet here is innnnnnnnnnncredibly slow so sorry if this is short.

A lot has happened as you might imagine. First, i kinda sorta got pick pocketed today. We were in the market and in the midst of everything I realized my wallet was gone (i dont know why i didnt have it in my back pack). So i lost everything in that, including my drivers license, 150 dollars and my credit card. It stinks but Ill survive, im a missionary and moneys not too important. But please stop my credit card if you will. I dont know what else to do about that. I heard in the mtc we can come out of trials bitter or better and im determined to be better.

Other than that things are going great. I really love Togo. my companion is Elder Kouakou and he is a great missionary. We live in the apartment that everyone calls the best in the mission. We have hot water, air conditioning, its really nice. We live with one other companionship, Elder Ahoutou and Elder Bowman, whos from utah so its nice to have someone i can speqk english too, hes been here 10 months. Thats our district and there are " in our zone.

ahhh im running out of time. K, i got my first two baptisms on saturday it was really cool, my first full day in my area and i baptised two people. they have baptism services every two weeks.

French is going well, i can communicate ok.

I love you all! Soryy its short ill right more next monday!


elder bertoch
ps its ok for people to emqil me here i checked!

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