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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 21, 2009

Hey everyone!

Ok I started an email and then it froze so sorry if this one is a little short!

Sounds like you're having a blast back in the States! Aspen must have been really nice. I'll wanna see pictures of that as soon as i can!

That stinks about BYU. Thats all I have to say about that.

Haha yes Im remembering to take pictures! And I still haven't given up on finding a way to send them home, it just might take awhile...

Ok well its been kind of a crazy week. Out of our 5 investigators ready to get baptized, only 2 were able to on saturday. Yves mom still refused but going into the interviews friday night I thought the other 4 were still good to go. Gabriel and Akovie got interviewed no problem but Arsene called and told us he decided he wasnt ready and Grace just didnt show up. She doesnt have a phone so saturday we walked the 45 min to her house to try to find her but she wasnt there so she didnt get baptized either which was very sad (she came to church yesterday and we talked to her and everything is worked out, she'll get baptized the third of october now). Then at the baptism i got scared cuz Akovie just didnt show up for the longest she got there an hour and a half late just as the last person was being baptized (there were 15 between the three branches) but she was able to make it so that was quite a relief. But grace and arsene were quite a punch in the stomach, i thought getting my wallet stolen was hard, having investigators zho you know are ready for baptism not get baptized is a lot harder. But we'll keep moving forward, this week we'll work hard with Yve and Arsene and Grace to get them into the church.

Also, I know have a new companion. Elder Bowmans companion got transferred and is training nozw, so he's in a threesome now with me and Elder Kouakou for two weeks until his new companion gets here and he's gonna train him. But it should be a good two weeks, i really like E Bowman, we get a long really well.

Ok well thats all I got this week. I love hearing from all of you and I cant wait for next monday! Keep me updated!
I love you all!

Elder Bertoch

PS Whats the status on a drivers lisence? Do you think its possible to get me one again? Itd be nice to have the id and there may be times that i'll need to drive. ie E Bowman picked someone up from the airport saturday

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