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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 11, 2010

Hey again!

First off, the report on the giant mouse- We found it was living under our entertainment center thing so we scared it out and chased it around the appartment trying to whack it with broomsticks. Weirdly enough, that didnt work and it escaped out onto the balcony. We have not seen it since. End of report.

The baptisms went well last saturday. All three were able to get baptized. We have six other potential canidates for the 23rd which would be great. My companion and I are hoping to be companionship of the month for october.

So the 25th I will be going to the Riviera appt with ten other non ivoriens (a couple americans, some togolese, beninese, and congoese). There are only four beds there so a lot of us will be sleeping on the floor. We'll still do missionary work while we are there we just cant go far from the appt and have to be home early. Should be fun.

In the birthday package i would like-
A pair of black shoes (the pair i bought is already falling apart)
Mesh garments
Those are the only really specific things that i was thinking of. As i remember other things I let you know.

Yes, please go ahead and renew my drivers lisence. You never know.

This week was pretty busy. It seems like we have so many things to do but such limited time that we can never really do something 100 percent, we just do everything 75 percent haha. We went and visited the missionaries in our zone who are at Grand Bassam (a city just outside of Abidjan) and did their district meeting with them. We also had a meeting at the mission office and it just seemed like we were never actually in out area. But we manage. We've gotten good at relying on our members to help us if we dont have time- our ward mission leader is an ex missionary so if we dont have time to visit someone we just ask him to. All in all, things are going pretty well. Yesterday was missionary sunday so we spoke at church and taught the classes and that went well too.

Haha so after I thought about it, 136 lbs seemed way to small. So i weighed myself again and i actually weigh 144, much better. And im pretty sure i'd be ok going on a cruise when i get back, sounds like a lot of fun.

Im glad you had fun at outdoor ed jack! You'll have to let me know what all you did!
Ok, have a good week! I love you all!

Elder Bertoch

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