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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey everybody!

Wow sounds like you guys had a great time in San Fran! (Especially the incident with the drunk lady haha) I was trying to figure out why you waited till i left to start going on a bunch of trips and then i realized...without me there theres nobody to fight with Sydney and Jack! Things are probably so peaceful haha!

Ok onto your many questions:
No signs of violence or protests or anything. Maybe its just because we're are in the appartment really early, but i have noticed any big differences. Just normal campaigning- billboards, stickers and such. The only real worry i think is that after the results come out (the 31st) the losers wont accept it and cause problems. The way i heard it is that there are three major canidate and all three are positive that they are going to win. Im not worried tho, really everything is calm.

I head off to my new appartment next monday. Its not far from the us embassy, the airport, or the mission home so if anything does happen we will be in the best place. And there are three different appartments for the non ivoriens so its not all the whites that are together. The americans in my appartment are Elder Carver, Elder Cruz, and Elder Halvorsen and then a mix of missionaries from benin, togo and congo. We'll all be together until the 8th of November and then there will probably be a big transfer because a lot of missionaries arrive and a lot finish too.

With the shoes I think size ten would be best. Eleven will probably be too big for me. Seven pairs of garments would be ok, that way i can throw away the old ones. One other request- roll on deordorant (3). Impossible to find here and i just started my last one.

No serious health problems lately. Ingrown toenails are still a problem but nothing that slows me down too much.

I have never attended another church but we have taught a lot of pastors. Never had any of them make any real progress but one did come to church once. Gotta be careful here cuz if you are not careful they will take church materials to go teach in their churches haha (they especially love Gospel Principles).

Eek i haven't played basketball since Togo. If we ever play sports here its always soccer. Always soccer. I'll be way out of practice by the time i get back haha.

I have not heard or read General conference yet! Can you put a couple Ensigns in my package too?

Anyway, this week was amazing as usual. We will baptize, fingers crossed, four of our investigators this saturday and three the saturday after that. One of them is actually the best friend of Elder Yao who was in my district in Benin so thats pretty cool. My companion had me take charge of the area this week so i'd know it better which really helped me- i need to get everything down pretty well because it is very possible when i come back to Koumassi my companion will be transferred. We still get a long just fine- things are usually pretty quiet at the appartment cuz it is just the two of us and we have to find quality things to fill out time from 5-10 at night. This week we'll be busy with a meeting the the district leaders in our zone wednesday, a meeting with all the mission leaders at the office thursday, baptismal interviews thursday and the baptism saturday so we'll have a lot to fit in. Anyways, love this area, love this ward, love my companion, love being a missionary and i love you all! Im just filled with love haha.

Elder Bertoch

Ps Dang i wrote kind of a lot to day. Your welcome.

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