In the MTC - Sam is kneeling down in front on the left pointing to the Ivory Coast in West Africa

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

September 27, 2010

Sister Leavitt, who was one-half of the missionary couple in Benin with Sam, called when she was in town visiting her daughter (who knew they had a daughter so close). She wants to meet us and show us pictures of Africa. Needless to say we are very excited to meet her.

So, I really like my new area. Elder Kuiongbe is great, hes an oldtimer, finishes his mission in January. Hes a funny guy and a real hard worker. Really knows how to connect with people so i'll learn a lot. Hes been zone leader for about 6 months so he'll train me well. We have a zone of twelve missionaries (three districts like all the other zones) so it is not too overwhelming or anything. Right now we're just making sure everyone understands the new planning methods that Elder Sitati taught us. Nothing too difficult, but we do use a lot of time and money visiting other appartments.

Haha, Elder Cunningham was one of my companions in the mtc. He's been in Abidjan his whole mission, most of it in the same zone (hes zone leader now too). Me and Elder Starita actually realized when i was leaving that this will be the first time our entire missions that we wont be in the same zone. Crazy.

I called Elder Aiba yesterday to see how the baptisms went and there were two that went through so that was good to hear. We had six more baptismal dates for october so i'll be checking back in to see how those turn out.

Zone Conference was great. President was extremely happy with our zone (niangon) and the work we had done. Our zone baptized the most for the month so he didnt have much to complain about.

Haha of course i take doxy! Elder Starita does too and he got malaria the day after me. Apparently we just had really stubborn mosiquitoes in our appartment.

SISTER LEAVITT IS COMING OVER? Thats exciting! Tell her i say hi!!! And thank you again! Hows Elder Leavitt doing? Its too bad you wont see him, i think you'd really like him haha. The couple in the Ivory Coast is the Gublers but they stick pretty much to the office, I dont really know them. They are from las vegas.

Koumassi is a ward in the cocody stake. We had about 84 ppl at church on sunday, not toooo bad (my other ward it was 194). As zone leaders, we are expected to have better numbers than everyone else so we'll be teaching a lot. Elder Kuiongbe has already baptized ten ppl this month (his reputation in the mission is that he baptizes like crazy).

Ohhh with eight months left i'll probably get transferred one more time, two if im lucky. Halterman is still in Benin but im pretty positive hes coming over in a couple weeks cuz his visa has to be pretty much up by now.

Ok well thats all i got for this time! Let me know if you have anymore questions, it makes writing so much easier! I love you all!

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