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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 4, 2010

It ended up that Brother Leavitt came into town as well, so we rescheduled for a couple of days later and had them to dinner. We had a fabulous visit - what wonderful people they are! We are so indebted to them for all they did for Sam and the other missionaries in Togo and Benin.

Hey family!

Ehh, Im so jealous you guys got to meet with the Leavitts! They are so amazing, all the missionaries here were in love with them. I dont think they realize how much they helped us and the church grow in Benin.

Ok people you would know in my zone...umm Elder Geisler is a district leader in my zone and i think thats it. Elder Kuiongbe is from abidjan, the toit rouge stake more specifically. O ya, Elder Halterman has gotten skkkiiiiinnnny. I wont tell you how much i weigh. Ok, i will- 62 kilos. About 136 lbs. I'm actually just praying that that scale was broken haha. But dont worry about me, im perfectly healthy.

This was a pretty good week. Got a good taste of what zone leadering is like. Visited all of the districts in our zone and exhorted them to do better and resolved problems and such. With the elections coming up we have to be home at 6 pm everyday which makes the work harder. And starting at the 14th we have to be home at 5 pm. And starting the 25th all of non ivorien missionaries have to regroup together in the same appartment for a couple weeks. Not good for missionary work but a neccessary precaution i guess. So, we are going to baptize all of our canidates before the 25 (at least that it the plan). This saturday we are going to baptize three (Monique, Aminatha and Irene) and the next saturday or the saturday after that we whould baptize four more (jacqueline, joseph, richard, dorcas). The work is moving a long nicely in Koumassi. Its great to see how much the Lord helps us in this work. In no matter what area we are, there are always people that have been prepared to recieve this message.

Hmm, what else? Theres a giant mouse living in my appartment. I will take care of it this week and report back next monday.

Ahh gotta go! We did some work for Sr Ayekoue today so we didnt really have time to write! I'll try to get permission to come back tomorrow morning to write more and to write everyone else! Love you!

Elder Bertoch

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