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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 20, 2010

So for the phone call i was thinking maybe just the same deal as last year? Christmas Eve, at 8 pm here so i think 1 pm there? That sound good? It it doesn't...well i hope it does cuz i wont be back on the computer before friday.
So I've just been having a blast this week. Elder Starita and I have been contacting people like crazy because we didnt have any investigators and it went well. We gave three baptismal dates and had three people come to church. Me and Elder Startita are not zone leaders anymore (or even district leaders), but its looking like in January we might get shipped out near the boarder of Ghana to start a new branch from scratch so that would be exciting. Like we would rent a building over there, run church (at first there would just be sunday school but after we baptize the first member we'd add other meetings) and thatd be pretty cool. But we'll see, thats just the plan for the moment. If i ended up doing that, i dont think id have much of a chance to go back to Benin.
So i have got an african artist working on the nativity sets. You guys probably noticed i took out a lot of money a couple weeks ago...can you guys make sure my account stays pretty full, i'm going to start buying things soon.

So what other news? Our zone is having fun together. Im with Elders Call, Cunningham, Cruz, Lewis, Ghisquiere, Leach, and Mbunga and a Madagash plus our district in the zone. This morning we all went and played two hand touch football together and it was a blast. Not to brag our anything but our district totally won, even with a future BYU running back on the other team.
Also, I shaved my head pretty dang short saturday night. Like preeeeeeeeeeetttttty dang short. I'll try to send pictures.
The couple here is the Herrs. I've only taked to them a few times but they seem really nice (like all missionary couples). We are actually going to do a christmas devotional at their house sunday night and a christmas activity with them next monday too. It should be fun.
Hmmm...dont know my address anymore. It should just be the same address you were using a year ago. Do you still have that?
So let me know what is going on with you guys! What are the christmas plans with you three? Actually as i m writing this im realizing i'll just ask you on friday! Cool!
Ok well thats all! I still love being a missionary and am going strong. No time to get lazy, gotta grow the church in Togo! I have a testimony of this work and am super happy with where i am! I love you all! Cant wait to talk in five days!
Elder Bertoch

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