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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hey! (seems like thats how i start every email)

So the regrouping is finally over! It was fun for a while, but then
sunday-wednesday we werent allowed to leave the appartment so it got a
little tiring. Twelve people in a little appartment 24/7 gets a little
cramped but i got to know a lot of new people which was cool. Nothing
too exciting happened during the elections either- President said that
Abidjan just was empty for three days, there were no cars on the
street, stores were closed, nobody went out cuz they were scared.

So you guys know already, there will be a second election later this
month- it just got changed to the 21st i think. We're hoping that we
wont have to go back into quarantine again, President said since
everything was calm the first time, we might be able to stay in our

So I'm back here at Koumassi now with Elder Kuiongbe. Yep, the mission
recieved 8 new missionaries (two of which are in my zone) but I'm most
likely done training (zone leaders are just paired with other zone
leaders). Which is actually too bad, i probably progressed the most on
my mission when i was with Elder Tshibasu. Anyway, this month we're
realizing that we baptized all of our good investigators last month,
so we'll have to work on finding alot. Nevertheless, we set our goal
for baptisms at seven so we'll have to work pretty hard.

Today we had zone conference for our zone. President talked a lot
about the role of the Spirit in conversion and then a lot of specific
problems that missionaries have in the mission (as far as behavior
goes). It was really good. Afterwards we had our interviews and me and
president had a really good conversation about the mission. I came out
of the conference very committed to improve myself and be a really
good example.

We also got to watch two sessions of general conference at church
yesterday (sat afternoon and sun morning). It was awesome. I
especially enjoyed Elder Oaks' talk on recieving revelation by the
personal line and the preisthood line. There was also a talk on
selective obedience that i liked too. Cant wait to get the Ensign.

Ya, there is a new AP now, Elder Cloward. He was actually my zone
leader when I was in Benin. He finishes at the end of january i think.

Yep, its been raining here lately, but nothing like the rain in Benin.
That was just unbelievable. And no, actually, Togo seems like it was
just yesterday, and then i remember that its been almost a year since
i left. Crazy.

Anyway your guys' new assignment is...2 Nephi 31. We talked about this
chapter a lot last mission conference while we were talking about the
doctrine of Christ.

Well that about it! I love you all! Thanks for the email too, syd! I
got the one before too. You are a writing machine!

Elder Bertoch

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