In the MTC - Sam is kneeling down in front on the left pointing to the Ivory Coast in West Africa

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

October 27, 2010

Sam starts by explaining how the non-ivorians had to move in together during the elections. The Ivory Coast has a history of violence during elections and they want the missionaries together in one area in case of any trouble. The election is scheduled for October 31.

Hey fam!

Sorry for not writing on monday, i was busy with the move to the new appt so im stopping by today.

Things are going well here. There ended up being twelve in the same appartment with one shower, four beds, three fans, and a hundred cockroaches so its interesting haha. But we still have a blast- all night we all just talk and laugh together. My companion for the two weeks is Elder Halverson (from washington , finishes in January) and we're the zone leaders here. When we get back to the appartment at night we have a schedule we have to follow- we plan, then there is a scriptual topic that we talk about for two hours, then we eat. Everyone has been given a little mini area here so when we can leave the appartment we just do door to door.

I forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago I went to the zoo! Its not at all like the zoos in America, here there is basically no supervision and you can get as close to the animals as you dare. I fed an elephant, a hippo, a chimpanzee, and a deer type animal, it was pretty dang cool.

Today we had mission conference. President talked a lot abouta new method that the missionaries in the MTCs are taught and gave us the same training. He spoke about how we shouldnt teach anything but the doctrine of Christ, pure and simple. He also talked about the role the Holy Ghost should play in our lives. I was very inspired by everything he taught and cant wait to put it into practice.

In my zone I didnt really have any disobedient missionaries just some discouraged ones. Some people get it into their head that an area is "hard" so they are less motivated to work. In reality, the Lord has prepared people everywhere, but if you tell yourself that its hard, you're just hindering the Lord from guiding you to those people. Whether you tell yourself that you will be successful and baptize or that its hard and nothing will move forward, you'll be right. Its just part of having faith.

We had another baptismal service last saturday and baptized Richard and Jacqueline. This saturday two more will get baptized too- it's too bad i wont be there.

Well, thats about all the time i've got. I testify that God loves and knows each one of us. He is in control and only has our best interests at heart which is such a comforting thought. I know Jesus Christ is my personal Savior and older brother, and a friend for each one of us when we might feel lost or alone. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its entirety and thanks to that fact each one of us can be sealed as a family for eternity. Thats why I'm here, to help other families to get onto the path that i was blessed enough to be born in to. I love you all and pray for you every night. Do me a favor and read Moroni 7 this week, an awesome chapter.

Elder Bertoch

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