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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 15, 2010

Well had just another awesome week this week. Although now im trying

to think of something that happened during it...nothing memorable just
good ole missionary work. We set a baptismal date after reading 2
Nephi 31 with an investigator for the 27th...only problem is that for
the moment its our only baptismal date haha. So we're working hard to
find new people; saturday is always a good day to find families at
home so we did some tracting. Most people were not interested but
there was one really nice family that let us in. They said that anyone
that talks about God is welcome in their house (something we hear
often-Africans have an amazingly strong faith in God). They are
promising- just got married and the wife is pregnant- so we'll see how
it turns out. We need good new investigators.

Yesterday i also had another chance to speak in church. There was
actually an error and somehow i was not informed i would be speaking
until it was annonced. It went well though, it was just a great chance
to let the Spirit guide my words. I didnt have anything prepared so i
just talked about the importance of families- strengthening our
families by family prayer, scripture study and FHE, and sharing the
gospel with members of our family who are not yet members of the
church. I also had the chance to bear testimony of how grateful i am
to have a family that raised in the gospel and that if it werent for
them i would not be here today.

Thursday there was a Leaders meeting at the mission office. President
doesnt seem to be worried about the elections at all this time and so
it seems like i'll just be able to stay here luckily.

I havent gotten the packages yet. I asked around and appartenly the
mail is slower here than Benin- packages take about 4-5 weeks.
Hopefully I'll get it this week though. I need those shoes haha.

Sorry about the lack of pictures lately. For some reason i have
trouble sending them from this cyber here. I'll keep trying though.

Yep i get everyones emails! Thank you so much! Today i was lucky
enough to hear from Leanne and Grandma!

New reading assignment- Alma 5

Well have fun this week! Sounds like you guys will have a blast with
Mike and Sydney too!

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