In the MTC - Sam is kneeling down in front on the left pointing to the Ivory Coast in West Africa

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sam's friend Derek Fletcher, had just received his mission call to Argentina.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Haha I don't think I'm ever gonna get an email where everyone is healthy. Bonne retablissment, Papa. Oh and for all I know Sydney died like a month ago. Where ya at, sis?

Thats cool about Derek, let him know I say congrats.

The new couple arrived in Benin last week, like thursday or something, but they still havent come here yet. Its hard for the couple here, they have to drive back and forth a lot between Benin and Togo, very tiring. There used to be a couple for each country but now theres just one for the two. We're planning on welcoming them with a lot of food though so that will be fun. Haha, come to think of it, you should tell Bro and Sis Walton to come to Togo. They already speak french, right?

Haha nope I have not yet tried a monkey, they are like a delicacy here because they are so rare. I have heard about missionaries eating cat though, that would be interesting.

Thanks so much for the package! I'm excited already. I cant wait to get it! But I promise not to open it until my birthday...ok thats probably not true.

We still dont know about transfers yet. The zone leaders say they can come at any time, they just have to get word from president. The next new missionary gets here in a little more than a week so maybe thats when it will happen.

Another good week gone by. Everything went well with Arsene, Christian, and Grace so that was really encouraging. It was great seeing them dressed in white and being baptized, the missionaries had been working with Arsene and Christian since like the beginning of this year so it was really awesome that they finally were able to take the steps to join the church. I was a little scared Sunday when Grace didnt get to church until it was literally her turn to be confirmed (she walked in right after they finished her second brother, though in her defense she does live like an hour walk from the church) but everything ended well.

Yve hit another setback this week. His mom called his dad who lives in Germany to ask if he could get baptized and the dad said he has to go to church with his mom. Its really too bad because he is really smart and already has a really strong testimony in the church but I know it is just temporary. He trusts the Lord and knows that everything will work out. His dad comes home for New Years so the missionaries can talk to him then.

Have fun in California! That'll be a blast! I really hope you'll be able to go! I actually got to go to the beach this morning, it was really pretty. The zone went to play football in the sand, it was a lot of fun, especially since the Africans dont understand the rules so they just kinda run around and throw the ball randomly, it was a blast. I love being in Togo, since theres only 11 of us we are all really close and have fun together, I hope its like that in the other countries too.

Ok well I think thats about it for this week. Nothing else to memorable happened I dont think. I still am perfectly healthy and loving the work. I have already been blessed so much on my mission and I cant imagine doing anything else right now. I am so grateful for everyones love and support. You are all amazing. Talk to ya next week!


Elder Bertoch

PS I asked Elder Skousen today and he still hasnt sent the CD yet and he doesnt know when hes going to the mail again so dont expect that too soon. Ill let you know when he sends it.

PS No BYU update??? whats up with that?!

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