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Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

Sounds like Colorado weather hasn't changed much since I left. 70s one day and a foot of snow the next haha. Here it is hotter than ever but I hear December is "winter" so I'm really looking forward to that.

I have not yet gotten your birthday package so I'm still looking forward to that. I did however get Grandma's package last tuesday so i was really grateful for that! I'll be expecting that this week as soon as the couple goes to the mail. I'm sure I'll have it by the time I write you again next week.

Where are you planning on going/doing for grandpa's bday? Did he agree to go to Hawaii?? Let him know I say happy birthday (not yet...wait until its actually his bday)!

Sydney actually accepted the Maxima? Nice. We can go shopping for a replacement when I get back...

I checked out the blog and it looks great! Only one correction: in the picture with my mission president, he is on my right, not my left.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get the chance to go to the Ghana temple...I've only heard of one missionary doing it right before he flew home. I'd really like to though, I'll look in to it at the end of my mission.

The assistants were both African when I got here but now there is a canadien (Elder Olsen) and an Ivorian (Elder Niambe). I only met each of them once while I was in Cote Divoire but they both seem very nice and like extremely good missionaries.

Well zone conference has come and gone and nobody got transferred. Its still me, Elder Halterman, E Bowman, and E Carver (from Taylorsville,Ut) here in Hedzranawoe which I'm fine with. Elder Kouakou ended up in Bé, E Carver's old area still in togo.

Zone congerence was really good, Elder Dickson talked a lot about helping our branches/district here in Togo become well formed wards/stake. He said that a big part of that is making sure everyone pays their tithing, he said recent converts who pay their tithing will be there when you come back in 20 yrs, those who don't will not. It was very inspiring. After the conference, he interviewed four missionaries and I was one of them. It was really cool to be interviewed by a 70, he asked a lot about what I thought about the church in Togo, how could we help it, and about the mission in general. He is a really good guy.

Well thats about all. The work is still really coming a long in Togo, i can really see the Lord blessing this area. We had thirteen investigators at church yesterday between the two companionships, thats the most i've seen since I got here. The members here are really awesome too, they've really come through recently in giving us contacts and teaching with us. Last week over half our lessons were in presence of a member which was wonderful. Anyway, I cant wait to hear from you all again next week! Love you all!

Elder Bertoch

PS Congrats on staying healthy for a week, Jack! Keep it up! Hopefully you get to give your talk too!

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