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Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7, 2009
Yay!! We received pictures in the mail today! Here is the letter Sam included with the CD:

Dear Family,

OK, I think I found a way to get you some pictures. I just hope that this actually gets there. I put ten on this CD, most are of us and our baptismal candidates. There are also a few of Elder Kouakou and various creatures he has caught in our apartment. I think I have one of me and Elder Starita on there too that you can forward to his mom.

Well, I hope this works. I'm going to give it to Elder Skousen to send whenever he goes to the mail next. I'm doing fine, just getting ready to go to zone conference now. I'll write you again Monday! Love you all!

Love, Elder Bertoch

Seven dressed in white. Good job guys!

I'm guessing the elder to the left is Elder Bowman. The three of them served together until last week. I don't know who the woman is.
Sam & Elder Kouakou

Sam and Elder Starita

I love the flip flops with the shirt and tie.

Elder Kouakou caught some kind of rat.

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  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,

    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,